Non-slip Interlocking PennyDot Tile - 50cm x 50cm

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Slip resistant 3

Excellent slip resistance to level 3

Anti-fatigue properties 1

Good anti-fatigue properties, resistant to level 1

Wear resistant 3

Excellent wear resistance to level 3, suitable for heavy footfall

Crush resistant 3

Excellent crush resistance to level 3. Easily regains form

Soil resistant 2

Great resistance to soiling and stains to level 2

Chemical resistant

Resistant for chemicals and oils


Mats are connectable to create any shape or size

Cut to size

Mat can be cut to bespoke sizes

Disability friendly

Suitable for wheelchairs

Dry area

Suitable for use in dry areas

Wet area

Suitable for use in wet environments

Oily and greasy area

Suitable for use in oily and greasy areas

Heavy area

Suitable for use in heavy duty areas

Wheeled area

Suitable for trolleys and wheeled trucks

Flame retardant

Suitable for use in welding areas


Suitable for areas where forklifts are in operation

Impact resistant

Able to resist sudden force or shock

Environmentally friendly

Made from recycled materials

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