SBR Rubber Dock Bumper 450 x 250 x 115mm

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This SBR Dock Bumpers 450x250x115 with its low friction 40mm front plate made from ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) Is the perfect dock bumper if you are looking for longevity. The yellow front plate can be replaced when worn or damaged by HGV Trailers. 


  • Length 450mm x Width 250mm x Depth 115mm
  • Weight 14kg
  • Fixing not included in the price
  • Rubber backed with UHMPWE hardwearing face
  • Highly Visible colour
  • Durable design
  • Reduced snagging for longer life

Benefits of using SBR Rubber Dock Bumpers 450x250x115

  • Durable design
  • More robust than a standard rubber bumper

SBR Rubber Dock Bumper 450x250x115, the ideal solution for anyone seeking a long-lasting and durable dock bumper. This bumper features a low friction 40mm front plate made from ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE), ensuring longevity and resistance to wear caused by HGV trailers.

Designed with longevity in mind, the yellow front plate is replaceable, allowing you to easily swap it out when worn or damaged by heavy trailers, extending the life of the dock bumper. This feature makes it a cost-effective and practical choice for busy loading docks and high-traffic areas.

The SBR Rubber Dock Bumper measures 450mm in length, 250mm in width, and has a depth of 115mm. Each bumper weighs 14kg, providing a robust and substantial construction to withstand the impacts of large vehicles. Safety is a top priority, and Slip-not ensures that with the highly visible yellow front plate, the dock bumper stands out, helping to prevent accidental collisions and providing a clear visual indicator for drivers approaching the loading area.

The rubber backing combined with the UHMWPE hardwearing face creates a durable and resilient dock bumper that can handle the daily demands of loading and unloading operations. With reduced snagging, the bumper's design ensures a longer life, giving you peace of mind and saving you money on frequent replacements.

Choose Slip-not's SBR Rubber Dock Bumper 450x250x115 for its durable design, robust construction, and enhanced longevity compared to standard rubber bumpers. Keep your loading dock protected and minimize the risk of damage to vehicles and structures with this high-quality dock bumper designed for lasting performance.

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