Rubber & Steel Dock Bumper 465 x 275 x 110mm

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This Dock Bumpers 465x275x110 has a large impact area with no holes in the UHMWPE face plate for the back of the truck to snag on. The 50mm thick face can slide freely up and down in its steel cradle back plate.
Compresses 11mm under 15 tonne load


  • 465mm by 275mm by 110mm
  • Weight 27kg
  • Fixings not included in the price

Benefits of using a This Dock Bumpers 465x275x110

  • Cost-effective solution to protect your building from damage

Rubber Steel Dock Bumper 465x275x110mm, a highly effective solution to safeguard your building and loading dock from potential damage caused by trucks and heavy vehicles.

This dock bumper is thoughtfully designed with a large impact area and a UHMWPE face plate that has no holes on the back, ensuring that the truck or vehicle won't snag on it during loading and unloading. The 50mm thick face is engineered to slide freely up and down within its steel cradle back plate, allowing for smooth and seamless contact with the vehicle.

Impressively durable, this dock bumper can withstand heavy loads of up to 15 tonnes, compressing just 11mm under such pressure, making it a reliable and resilient choice for industrial applications. Measuring 465mm by 275mm by 110mm and weighing 27kg, this dock bumper is sturdy and substantial, providing robust protection for your building and dock area.

As an essential component of a well-designed loading dock, the Dock Bumper 465x275x110mm offers several benefits. Firstly, it serves as a cost-effective solution to prevent potential damage to your building caused by impact from trucks and vehicles. By absorbing and dissipating impact forces, it helps to minimize the risk of structural damage, reducing the need for costly repairs and maintenance.

Moreover, this dock bumper enhances safety and efficiency during loading and unloading operations. By creating a buffer zone between the building and the trucks, it reduces the risk of accidents and damage to both the vehicles and the building itself.

Rubber Steel Dock Bumper 465x275x110mm to protect your property and ensure smooth and safe loading and unloading operations. With its top-notch quality and reliability, it's the perfect addition to your loading dock setup. Choose Slip-not for excellence in dock bumper solutions!

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