Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves - Food Prep Safe - Slip Resistant Pattern on Palm - Chemical Resistant - In Bags of 10 Pairs

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Cuff Gauntlet
Gauge -
Length (mm) 300
Liner/Coating Colour Blue
Liner Material Flock Lined
Coating Type Latex
Coating Coverage Fully Dipped
Food Approved Yes
NitreGrip® No
NitreGuard® No
Sanitized® Treated No
Touchscreen compatible No
Impact protection No
Hydrophobic No
Reinforced No



Feature Benefit

Medium weight gauntlet

Medium weight design affords excellent strength with high levels of flexibility and dexterity 

Flock lined latex

Soft flock lining helps to don and remove the glove whilst absorbing moisture, keeping the hand dry and fresh

Honeycomb grip on palm

Non slip honeycomb pattern on the palm provides a confident grip

Ergonomically shaped

The ergonomic design make the glove comfortable to wear for long periods and reduces hand fatigue

Food approved

Approved for use in food environments

Resistant to a number of chemicals and cleaning agents

The glove is safe to use in food preparation and handling


• Janitorial
• Cleaning
• Maintenance
• Kitchen Work
• Waste Management
• Food
• Local Authority



Gloves have been tested in the palm area
Fit for special purpose (if size does not meet minimum length requirement)

Model Description
Latex Flock Lined Rubber Unsupported latex glove with flock
Sizes 6-7-8-9-10



Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Resistance to vertical cut A B C D E



Chemical Code Level Degradation%
Methanol A 1 16.8
Sodium hydroxide 40% K 6 14.6
Sulfuric acid 96% L 2 36.4
Nitric acid 65% M 5 4.8
Acetic acid 99% N 2 28.5
Ammonium hydroxide 25% O 1 -0.1
Hydrogen peroxide 30% P 6 31.1
Hydrofluoric acid 40% S 6 X
Formaldehyde 37% T 6 17.3


Chemical Resistant Gloves  

Whether for household cleaning tasks or more hazardous industrial applications, chemical resistant protective gloves are an essential piece of safety equipment. Our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves range has been developed to provide our customers with a wide range of options for superior hand protection. The Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves range includes general handling, thermal protective, electrically insulating, cut resistant, chemical resistant gloves, and more. So, no matter the task at hand, the Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves range has the ideal protective gloves for your workplace or home.  

Our Chemical Resistant Gloves range has been designed using the latest in safety glove technology and materials to offer you the highest quality and value in safety glove solutions for all your applications involving contact with hazardous chemicals. This extensive range includes a selection of gauntlet gloves, which provide additional protection for the wrists and lower arms. Chemical Resistant Gloves offer added protection up to the lower arm whilst being flexible and ergonomic in design. These medium weight flock lined rubber gloves are ideal in a multitude of applications.  

Chemical Resistant Gloves User Benefits 

  • Medium weight latex gauntlet glove 

  • Flock lined to keep hands dry and fresh 

  • Slip resistant honeycomb pattern on palm 

  • Excellent wet and dry grip 

  • Ergonomic design for comfort 

  • Approved for use in food handling and processing 

  • Resistant to a number of chemicals and cleaning agents 

  • Tested to European standards EN388, EN ISO 21420, EN374-1, EN374-2, EN374-5 

Our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves range features a number of chemical resistant gloves in varying weights and lengths to help you provide your workers with the ideal safety glove protection for the hazards they may come across. Our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves Chemical Resistant Gloves are a medium weight gauntlet design, affording excellent strength with high levels of both flexibility and dexterity to protect the hands, wrists and lower arms. Their flock-lined construction assists in donning and removal and is comfortable against the skin. This helps to keep hands dry and fresh thanks to the natural moisture-wicking qualities of cotton fibres. Another benefit of the natural cotton flock lining is that it does not irritate the skin.   

The ergonomic design of our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves latex work gloves helps to ensure ongoing comfort and dexterity throughout use, whilst the slip-resistant honeycomb pattern of the palm and fingertips ensures excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions.  

Resistant to a range of chemicals and cleaning agents, these latex flock lined rubber gloves are suitable for use in a variety of applications. From household rubber gloves that protect hands from daily domestic cleaning agents to more heavy duty industrial cleaning work gloves, our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves Chemical Resistant Gloves are as versatile as they are strong. Furthermore, these latex work gloves are also approved for use with foods, making them ideal for food handling and processing tasks and helping to ensure against contamination of food products.  

Sectors and applications  

Chemical resistant gloves are an important component of personal safety protocols for many a workplace, despite the level of risk involved. From domestic cleaning duties to food handling, janitorial work, waste management, and more, a versatile, robust, and high quality chemical resistant gauntlet glove is the obvious solution. The Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves flock lined rubber gloves protect workers’ hands, wrists, and lower arms against a wide range of chemicals, all whilst offering fantastic grip in wet and dry conditions, superior flexibility, and ongoing comfort even after hours of use.  

gloves are an excellent safety glove solution for a variety of sectors, including:  

  • Janitorial  

  • Cleaning  

  • Maintenance 

  • Kitchen Work  

  • Waste Management  

  • Food processing and handling 

  • Local authority work 

Some of the applications these medium weight, chemical resistant, flex grip gloves are particularly suited to include:  

Handling of food: Latex gloves provide excellent touch sensitivity when compared with other glove materials whilst offering puncture resistance, chemical resistance, and fantastic grip. This makes them an excellent choice for food handling applications. Our food certified Latex flock lined rubber gloves will stand up to a range of chemicals and are suitable for use with all food types.  

Cleaning tasks: Chemical resistant rubber gloves are a necessary safety companion in all cleaning tasks. To protect hands, wrists, and lower arms against potentially hazardous cleaning products, choose the Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves rubber gauntlet glove. Providing protection up to the lower arm against a range of chemicals, whilst being flexible and offering fantastic wet and dry grip, these flock lined rubber gloves are an excellent solution.  

Waste handling: Waste handling can be a particularly hazardous task and requires the use of a robust and flexible work glove. The ergonomic design of our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves flex grip gloves keeps hands comfortable and protected against a range of chemicals, even after extended use.  

Water-based chemical handling: For water-based chemical handling applications, a water-resistant latex gauntlet glove is the preferred safety solution. Our Latex Flock Lined Rubber Gloves gauntlet glove provides protection for the hands, wrists, and lower arms against a range of chemicals and helps to reduce the risk of splashback and liquid rollback from water-based chemicals.  

Our food certified flock lined Rubber Gloves Chemical Resistant Gloves are an excellent choice for all your cleaning, food handling, and maintenance tasks involving contact with chemicals. Flexible, ergonomically designed, and robust, they will stand up against a range of chemicals, all whilst remaining comfortable and ensuring ongoing performance even after long hours of use. 


Size Packaging

10 Pairs per Bag

10 Bags per Carton


For more information please see the Product Specification Sheet.

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