50mm Garage Threshold Foam Side Blocks

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What Are “Garadam” Side Blocks?
There are certain garage doors which are not feasible for putting the “Garadam” at the front under the garage door, meaning it has to be installed further behind the garage door track. Due to the size of our largest product, we devised these contoured blocks in order to make sure that our customers are always able to install the protection they need in their garage. The contoured side should be in contact with the seal.

How Can I Install These Blocks?
The first step to installing these blocks to help you with your “Garadam” is to measure out everything, the space between the garage door and track. Then you want to make a marking on top of the Garadam and shortly after apply our adhesive and sealant in a zigzag pattern to the top of the Garadam and garage door track which the block will be leaning against. Then you can cut it out safely and slot the block into that gap.

In the second picture you can see what it’s meant to look like when it’s been fully installed to give you an idea of how you can do it yourself. Make sure it’s pushed down as it needs to be a tight fit in order to ensure true waterproofing.

What Is This Product Made Of?
These blocks are created from high density rigid closed cell foam, designed to be water resistant. When you combine these with the Garadam it provides an extremely high level of protection from windswept rain and other debris.

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