Foam Latex Palm Coated Work Gloves - Seamless Nylon/Spandex Liner - Wet & Dry Grip - In Bags of 10 Pairs

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Cuff Knitted
Gauge 15
Length (mm) 220-270
Liner/Coating Colour Red / Black
Liner Material Nylon
Coating Type Foam Latex
Coating Coverage Palm
Food Approved No
NitreGrip® No
NitreGuard® No
Sanitized Treated No
Touchscreen compatible No
Impact protection No
Hydrophobic No
Reinforced No



Feature Benefit

Light weight seamless liner

Close fitting comfortable glove that allows the hand to breath

Seamless nylon and Spandex® liner

Nylon and Spandex mix gives greater fit and flex enhancing wearer comfort and reducing hand fatigue whilst maintaining a high level of dexterity

Soft foam latex coating

The foam sponge latex coating is extremely light, strong and breathable for prolonged use and provides excellent dry and damp grip

Ideal for dry and damp environments

Offering durability and protection


• Construction 
• Maintenance
• Warehousing 
• Engineering
• Manufacturing 



Model Description
General Handling Gloves  Supported gloves with foam latex coating
Sizes 7-8-9-10

When the marked level is X it indicates that the glove has not been tested or the test method is not adequate.


Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Resistance to vertical cut A B C D E


General Handling Gloves 

When it comes to quality, comfort, and value, there’s no beating safety gloves range of safety gloves. From disposable nitrile, latex or vinyl varieties to our newest range of high-quality, reusable work gloves, we’re one of Europe’s preferred manufacturers for all things hand safety.  

The latest in our long line of high-quality safety gloves, the general handling gloves range has been designed for even the toughest working conditions to provide your workers with robust, hard-wearing, reusable safety glove solutions that put comfort and safety first. Available in general handling, thermal protective, cut resistant, electrical insulating, and more varieties, our General Handling Gloves range has the perfect safety glove solution for your workplace.  

Our General Handling Glove range has been developed to assist you in keeping hands safe whilst providing the maximum level of comfort across a broad range of applications. From parts assembly to material handling, plumbing, maintenance, engineering, construction and more, our general handling range has the glove for you.  

The General Handling Gloves are an excellent all-rounder safety glove solution for your general handling tasks, providing great protection against abrasions, fantastic wet and dry grip, and maximum comfort.  

General Handling Gloves user benefits:  

  • Light weight, seamless liner for comfort 

  • Foam latex palm coating is strong and breathable 

  • High level of dexterity  

  • Excellent dry and damp grip  

  • Durable, long-lasting protection  

  • Tested to European standards EN388 and EN420 

Whether your business is construction, manufacturing, engineering, or maintenance, your number one priority is protecting your workers against the range of hazards your workplace presents. This means selecting a safety glove that stands up against a variety of risks, all while remaining comfortable, and ensuring ongoing performance.  

Our is an excellent general handling solution for both performance and protection. The light weight seamless Nylon/Spandex® liner means ongoing comfort, which helps to reduce fatigue and maintain performance even during prolonged use.  Nylon and Spandex each offer comfort in use, which is enhanced by the specially developed foam latex coating. This light weight and durable palm coating provides not only abrasion and tear protection but also superb dry and damp grip – making it the perfect solution for a huge variety of handling duties. Moulding to the hand to give the wearer outstanding fit and feel, these foam latex palm coated gloves are some of the most comfortable work gloves you’ll find.   

Sectors and applications  

The foam latex of our General Handling Gloves is not only extremely resilient and offers good protection against abrasion, it’s also incredibly flexible with a and comfortable fit. The coating of these latex palm coated gloves makes for excellent dry and damp grip, as well as moulding to the hand for outstanding fit and feel, and long-wearing comfort.  

foam latex work gloves are ideally suited to the following sectors: 

  • Construction  

  • Maintenance 

  • Warehousing  

  • Engineering  

  • Manufacturing 

Some of the applications these general handling, latex palm coated gloves are particularly suited to include:  

Material handling: For general material handling tasks, a comfortable and hard-wearing glove with good abrasion protection is the answer. The incredible comfort of our palm coated gloves also offers fantastic dry and damp grip, so no matter what you’re handling each day, your safety gloves won’t let you down.  

Precise assembly work: Safety gloves can often get in the way when it comes to precise assembly work and the dexterity these applications require. That’s not the case with the work gloves, which not only offer protection against abrasions, and superior dry and damp grip, but don’t compromise on dexterity. Meaning you can get those precision tasks done whilst still ensuring your hands are always protected.  

Maintenance: General maintenance tasks can be many and varied, which means hands come up against a range of hazards. For all you servicing, parts replacement, machinery handling tasks, and more, be sure to protect workers’ hands with an excellent all-rounder general handling glove, like our Comfortable, flexible, and offering a high level of protection and grip, you can’t beat Our General Handling Gloves.  

Packaging: In packaging applications, your priorities are keeping hands safe and keeping goods protected against damage. That means wearing a glove with an excellent dry grip that doesn’t compromise on flexibility, protection, or comfort. For prolonged comfort, the seamless and light weight liner of our General Handling Gloves will reduce fatigue, all whilst ensuring hands are protected and goods are packaged safely and efficiently. For performance, comfort, and protection, always choose the General Handling Gloves.  

From inspections and repair work, to sorting, packaging, maintenance, and more, our General Handling Glove range won’t be beaten. The General Handling Gloves offer wearers extended comfort for those long hours at work, to help reduce fatigue without ever compromising on performance, grip, and protection.  

Resilient, flexible, and extremely comfortable, the ergonomically designed, close-fitting, light weight Nylon/Spandex liner of General Handling Gloves protects hands, while the foam latex palm coating ensures that in dry or damp conditions, excellent grip is achieved. Suitable for all general handling applications, from precise assembly tasks to material handling and more, you can trust General Handling Gloves to keep hands and goods protected


Size Packaging

10 Pairs per Bag

6 Bags per Carton


For more information please see the Product Specification Sheet.

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