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We offer a range of optional accessories for our ESD matting range, designed to dissipate static electricity and prevent workers from unpleasant static shocks, whilst safeguarding equipment.

Common Grounding Point Cord – Socket - Designed with a 10mm female stud at one end to connect to 10mm male stud on an earth plug and the other, a 4mm banana socket for connection to an operator coil cord. Length: 4.5m wire for connection to the earth plug.

Earth Bonding Plug - Designed to fit UK standard mains plug outlets, the plug is an ideal grounding point for bench/floor mats and personnel. The neutral and mains voltage pins are plastics, whilst the earth pin is metal for guaranteed safety. Our Earth Bonding Plug does not have a resistor (which is integral with all ground cords).

Wrist Band - Our anti-static wrist straps are designed to safely ground operators working with ESD sensitive components, preventing a build-up of static electricity. The wrist band is comfortable to wear due to its crochet elasticated design and is adjustable. The wrist band can be fitted to the coiled ground wire via a 10mm male stud.

Heal Grounder - Similar to the wrist band, our heal grounder is designed to provide a grounding path to disperse static electrical. The heal grounder comes with a velcro loop for easy attachment, providing a one size fits all.

Our range of optional accessories are designed to protect workers from static shocks:
  • Our Common Grounding Point Cord - Socket, Earth Bonding Plus and Heal Grounder are perfect for use with our ESD Pebble
  • Our Common Grounding Point Cord - Socket, Earth Bonding Plug and Wrist band are perfect for use with our ESD Worktop Matting
  • Our Common Grounding Point Cord - Socket is perfect for use with our Cushion Link Solid Top - Static Dissipative
Weight (kgs)
Common Grounding Point Cord - Socket 0.10
Wrist Band 0.02
Earth Bonding Plug 0.08
Heel Grounder 0.02

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