Small Rubber Dock Bumper - 330 x 305 x 100mm

Sale price£30.97


This is a small rubber dock bumper made from highly resilient TPX tyre compound. Unusually it has 4 fixing holes. It is ideal for protecting steelwork around a loading dock. There is no back or front plate for this item.


  • 330mm by 305mm by 100mm
  • Weight 8.5KG
  • Fixing not included in the price

Benefits of using Rubber Dock Bumpers 330x305x100

  • Durable design
  • Cost-effective solution to protect your building from damage

You have come to the right place for top-quality rubber products at Here, we take immense pride in offering the finest Small Rubber Dock Bumpers designed to protect your docks and facilities. As a trusted supplier, we understand the importance of safeguarding your investments, and our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers are engineered to do just that.

Our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers are crafted using premium-grade materials, ensuring unmatched durability and reliability. These bumpers are specifically designed to absorb impact and resist wear and tear, making them ideal for high-traffic docks. Whether you're managing a busy commercial loading dock or a private marina, these bumpers will endure the test of time. They will protect your dock from boats, trucks, and other heavy equipment.

Dock edges are prone to damage from regular impact, but our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers act as a strong line of defense. Their resilient construction provides a buffer between the dock and incoming vessels or vehicles, preventing accidental collisions that could lead to expensive repairs. By installing our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers, you're taking a proactive step in ensuring your dock's longevity and promoting a safe working environment.

Our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers can be used for a wide range of applications beyond docks. You can install them in loading bays, warehouse walls, and in any area where impact protection is necessary. Our bumpers come with pre-drilled holes for quick and hassle-free installation. They can be easily secured to various surfaces, providing immediate protection without complex setup procedures.

Investing in Small Rubber Dock Bumpers is a cost-effective solution to protecting your dock. By minimizing potential damages, you're saving money on repairs and replacement parts. Our competitively priced dock bumpers deliver exceptional value for money, ensuring long-term protection that won't break the bank. prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety above all else. Our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers demonstrate our commitment to top-notch rubber products. Experience the unmatched durability, optimal protection, and easy installation of our Small Rubber Dock Bumpers today. Safeguard your docks and prolong their lifespan with the most effective dock protection solution on the market.

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