Commercial Skeleton Sealant Caulk Gun

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One of the most common DIY tools used are skeleton sealant caulking guns, this is because they make applying things like silicone extremely easy.
The product is made from a metal skeleton where the name comes from combined with a trigger grip, and can be used with most adhesive cartridges of a standard size.
Our adhesive & sealant was made to be used with this type of caulk gun.

The skeleton sealant caulk gun is designed for purpose and it will be ideal when you decide to install a garage door threshold seal from us. It will make the entire process run smoothly and have your seal installed in no time.

How Does The Caulking Gun Work?
All you need to do regardless of whether you’re working with our adhesive or otherwise is to simply insert a cartridge into the gun. You can then squeeze the trigger which will push the adhesive out of the tube, allowing you to control where it goes. When you do this with our garage door threshold seals you will need to create 2 parallel lines and then applying a 3rd zigzag line in between which will ensure maximum adhesion.

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