Barrier Mats

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  • Barrier Mats and Flooring by Slip-Not.CO.UK
  • Suitable for inside or outside use
  • Ideal for high foot traffic areas
  • Traps dirt and moisture with dual level surface
  • Durable rubber base construction for long life
  • Door Mats with Bevelled rubber safety edges
  • Anti-Creep base finish

Are you tired of dirt, moisture, and debris tracked into your home or business, spoiling your clean floors, and creating potential safety hazards? Look no further! Slip-Not UK is proud to present our exclusive range of top-quality barrier mats, designed to keep your entrances clean, safe, and welcoming.

Unrivaled Protection for Your Interiors

Slip-Not UK understands the importance of safeguarding your interiors from the outdoor elements. Our barrier mats are meticulously crafted with cutting-edge technology and premium materials, making them your first line of defense against dirt, mud, and water. These mats are ingeniously designed to trap and hold debris effectively, preventing it from being carried further into your space.

Premium Quality, Enduring Durability

We take immense pride in delivering products that stand the test of time. Our barrier mats are manufactured using the finest materials, ensuring they maintain their quality and functionality even under heavy foot traffic. Our mats are resistant to fading, shredding, and fraying. Rest assured that investing in a Slip-Not barrier mat means investing in long-term floor protection.

Versatile & Stylish Solutions

Slip-Not UK offers a diverse selection of barrier mats to cater for your specific needs and preferences. From classic designs to contemporary patterns, our extensive range includes options that seamlessly blend with your decor. Whether you seek a mat to complement a sleek office entrance or to add elegance to your home's foyer, we have something for everyone.

Safety First

In addition to their remarkable dirt-trapping abilities, our barrier mats also enhance safety on your premises. Equipped with slip-resistant backing, these mats firmly grip the floor, reducing slips and falls. Prioritizing the well-being of your visitors, family, or employees has never been easier.

Customizable Solutions

Slip-Not UK understands that every entrance is unique, and one size does not fit all. Hence, we offer customizable solutions, allowing you to get the right fit for your space. Whether you need a specific size or want to incorporate your logo or branding onto the mat, we can make it happen.

Transform Your Entrances Today!

With Slip-Not UK's premium barrier mats, say goodbye to dirt and safety hazards, and embrace cleanliness and style like never before. Our commitment to excellence ensures the finest products and unmatched customer service. Take the first step towards transforming your entrance – explore our exclusive range of barrier mats and make the right choice for your space today.

Why Choose Slip-Not UK Barrier Mats:

Unmatched dirt-trapping abilities

Premium quality, built to last

Slip-resistant backing for enhanced safety

Customizable solutions for a perfect fit

A vast range of stylish designs

Welcome cleanliness, welcome safety – discover a world of difference with Slip-Not UK barrier mats.

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