Spring Loaded Back Plate - 965 x 255 x 66mm

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A spring loaded back plate compatible with a variety of 750mm high dock bumpers. It allows the bumper to slide down as the trailer is loaded; returning when the trailer moves away.

The sliding back plate comes supplied with fixings suitable for attaching SN007 standard dock bumper: SN252, SN253 & SN254.

Other fixings are required to attach the assembly to the loading bay.

Approx Dims: 

  • 965 x 255 x 66 mm


  •  50 kg

Explore our innovative range of products designed to ensure a secure and efficient working environment. Introducing the revolutionary Spring Loaded Back Plate, an essential addition to your workplace that guarantees enhanced safety and improved performance.

Why Choose the Spring Loaded Back Plate?

The Spring Loaded Back Plate, also known as the SLBP-1, is a cutting-edge safety device meticulously crafted to meet industrial needs. Built with precision engineering and adhering to the highest industry standards, this back plate is designed to provide unparalleled protection to workers in hazardous environments.

Unmatched Safety Features

Slip-Not understands the importance of safety in your workplace, and the Spring Loaded Back Plate is a testament to our commitment. Equipped with advanced spring-loaded technology, the back plate ensures a secure grip and prevents accidental slips or falls. The spring-loaded mechanism allows for flexibility while keeping the worker tethered to the support structure, granting them freedom to move without compromising safety.

Enhanced Performance

Safety doesn't mean sacrificing efficiency. With the Spring Loaded Back Plate, you can increase productivity and work quality. The ergonomic design and lightweight materials make it comfortable to wear throughout long shifts, reducing fatigue and maximizing performance. This innovative device empowers your team to work with confidence, contributing to a positive and productive work environment.

Durability and Reliability

Built to withstand industrial use, the Spring Loaded Back Plate is constructed from robust materials that ensure durability and longevity. It can withstand varying weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and exposure to chemicals without compromising its functionality. Rest assured, this back plate will remain a dependable safety companion for years to come.


The Spring Loaded Back Plate is designed to be versatile, accommodating various industries and applications. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, maintenance, or any other field with height-related risks, this back plate is the perfect safety solution. It can be easily integrated into existing safety harnesses, adding an extra layer of protection.

Compliance and Certifications

Slip-Not prioritizes safety, and we go the extra mile to ensure that our products meet industry standards and regulations. The Spring Loaded Back Plate is extensively tested and certified, ensuring authenticity and reliability.

Don't compromise on safety and productivity at work. Invest in the Spring Loaded Back Plate and witness a remarkable transformation in your operations. Join the ranks of countless satisfied customers who have experienced the unbeatable combination of safety, performance, and durability. Choose Slip-Not for a safer and more efficient tomorrow.

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