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Aerosols - available in 50ml, 150ml, 100ml, 500ml and 1000ml cans

Formulated using the finest ingredients
Aerosol is formulated from the finest ingredients, the aerosol is dispensed as a light mousse that quickly sinks into your skin. As it does so, pharmaceutical grade moisturisers such as Aloe vera and Vitamin E are absorbed and quickly get to work. At the same time,  starts to form a breathable and waterproof shield over your skin that moisturises, nurtures and protects your skin for 4 to 5 hours despite repeated washing. So, your skin will breathe and perspire as it should do, and your skin will feel perfectly normal to touch. In addition, your skin is now protected from numerous substances that would, without the protection of Aerosol Mousse, continue to cause your skin to dry out and exacerbate your skin problems.

An invisible skin barrier
prevents irritant contact dermatitis by providing an invisible, non-greasy and non-toxic barrier that protects all skin areas. It can also protect against most skin abusers, such as harsh soaps and detergents, alcohol, oil and grease, solvents, chemicals, paints and inks. It provides emergency protection against bases and most acids. Aerosol Mousse also helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance and allows skins to breathe and perspire normally.


Feature Benefit

CE marked and manufactured in the UK to Medical Device Standard ISO 13485:2016

Relatively short lead-times and demonstrates safer medical device production

Contains pharmaceutical grade moisturisers, including Aloe vera and Vitamin E

Prevents and controls dermatitis. Helps to prevent the skin drying out and may help to control other pre-existing skin problems. Trials involving dermatitis treatment have shown a 97% positive result

Aerosol product available in three sizes: 50ml; 150ml and 500ml. Dispensed in a light mousse

Each size respectively gives approx. 55, 165 and 550 applications, the light mousse provides a quick and easy application

Forms a moisturising, breathable and waterproof layer on the skin surface

Prevents the penetration of biological fluids and will benefit anyone working with grease, oil, coolants, de-greasers, acids, bases, adhesives, sealants

Remains on the skin despite repeated washing

Especially useful with today's strict hand washing regime, one application can last up to 4 hours

Formulated to be non-greasy

You will not have a greasy-hand feeling that can become slimy when wet or when inside gloves

Suitable to use alongside existing measures to protect hands and promote healthy skin

Can be worn in conjunction with disposable and reusable gloves



















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