60mm High Speed Ramp Kits 10mph

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Our 60mm High-Speed Ramp Kits are meticulously crafted to meet professional and recreational demands. Whether you're seeking to regulate traffic flow, enhance safety measures in your facility, or create an exhilarating skating or biking experience, these ramp kits are the right solution.

60mm High/10Mph Speed Bump Kits, lengths available between 1000mm and 9500mm, longer kits available on request. Each middle section has a painted black and yellow half, with 8 reflectors for the cat's eyes per medial section, making it more visible at night. Universal fasteners for bitumen or concrete are provided.

The 60mm speed bump kits have been designed to be comfortably traversed at speeds of up to 10mph.


  • Made from 100% recycled high-density rubber.
  • Includes universal fixings for tarmac and concrete surfaces
  • Quick and easy to install and relocate
  • Dimensions: H x D: 60mm x 450mm
  • High visibility contrasting yellow and black sections
  • Anti-slip textured surface for improved safety
  • Can support a weight capacity of up to 60 tonnes.
  • Fixing bolts are M10 and 12cm long.

Unparalleled Construction and Durability

Slip-Not prioritizes safety and durability above all else. Our 60mm High-Speed Ramp Kits are manufactured using premium-grade materials, ensuring longevity even under the most rigorous conditions. Each ramp section is constructed with high-density polyethylene (HDPE) for maximum strength and resistance to wear and tear. This exceptional material not only guarantees a longer ramp lifespan but also ensures a consistently smooth surface for seamless rides.

Customizable and Easy to Install

One of the standout features of our High-Speed Ramp Kits is their modularity and ease of installation. Each kit comes with multiple ramp sections that can be easily connected to achieve the desired length and configuration. The user-friendly interlocking system allows you to create various setups to suit your specific requirements.

Moreover, the kits include all the necessary fixtures and fittings for a quick and hassle-free installation. You won't need to be a professional builder or contractor to set up the ramp properly. The simplicity of the installation process ensures that you can have your high-speed ramp up and running in no time.

Safety at its Core

Safety is of paramount importance to Slip-Not, and our High-Speed Ramp Kits are engineered with this principle. Each ramp section features a non-slip surface that offers exceptional traction, reducing accident risk and ensuring a secure ride every time. Additionally, the ramp's 60mm height is carefully calculated to provide a smooth incline and decline, allowing for controlled acceleration and deceleration.

Versatile Applications

Our High-Speed Ramp Kits are suitable for a wide range of applications. From traffic management to extreme sports facilities, from event management to military training exercises, these ramp kits adapt to various environments flawlessly. Their ability to withstand diverse weather conditions further enhances their adaptability, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use.

Invest in Safety and Fun

With Slip-Not's 60mm High-Speed Ramp Kits, you're making a smart investment in safety and fun. Experience the joy of creating a safe environment for high-speed activities without compromising on thrills. Browse our range of high-speed ramp kits and take the first step towards elevating your safety standards to new heights. Place your order now and enjoy a smoother, more controlled, and more secure ride!

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