50mm High Garage Door Threshold Seal Kit

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The “Threshold” is the tallest garage door threshold seal available at our Website. Standing at an impressive 50mm tall, this is a garage door flood barrier like no other. It will be able to stop any rainfall getting into your garage and prevent flooding in your garage. Once stuck down to the floor this will keep your garage safe throughout the 5-year warranty period and beyond.

However, water isn’t the only thing that this product stops, debris won't be able to make it inside the garage either. Additionally the height of the seal will be intimidating to field mice and other rodents keeping your garage rodent-proof.

What Are The Dimensions Of The Threshold?
Our garage door flood barrier is 50mm high and 220mm wide which makes it the largest product we have. We have lengths ranging from 2.52m to 4.95m of this particular product. If the Threshold's size is daunting there are always other product options on our site for waterproofing. As an example you can take a look at our 25mm garage door seal.

However, when you are installing the Threshold, especially the longer end of the range, the installation may need two people. When you are handling this product, be careful and make sure you can comfortably carry this quite heavy flood barrier.

Please Note:
When installing the 50mm threshold seal further back behind the door frame or tracks, we recommend to purchase the additional side blocks to prevent water building up and spilling over the sides of the Threshold

What Material Is This Garage Door Flood Barrier Made Of?
The Threshold is made from high quality PVC material, which remains in an excellent condition for a very long time. Not only is it fully recyclable and environmentally friendly, but it is also very tough and unlike rubber garage door seals it will not become brittle and lose its consistency over time.

The seal will always be the same shape as when it was first put down. Additionally due to the material it’s built out of, exposure to heavy rain or excessive sunlight will do nothing to make it lose its colour or cause it to decay.

The kit includes:
50mm garage door flood barrier “Threshold”
Adhesive matching the quantity needed for installation

8'3" (2.52m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
10'3" (3.12m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
12'3" (3.73m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 2 Adhesive
16'3" (4.95m) x 85mm Width x 15mm Thick With 3 Adhesive

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