Heavy Duty Aluminum Threshold Seal Kit 8mm High For Dust And Debris

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The Industrial strength aluminium threshold seal has been specifically developed for use on commercial and industrial premises where maximum strength and durability are required. It is built with solid aluminium to withstand extreme weight and heavy traffic. It is also suitable for use in domestic garages.

Measuring approx.8mm high,the low-lying profile of the product makes it ideal for use with pallet stackers and forklift trucks, which can easily pass over the threshold seal, whilst still providing an effective barrier against water, leaves, dust and other debris.

The threshold seal itself is made from a solid aluminium construction and is supplied in sections. It is supplied with thermoplastic bottom seals which provide a tight seal to your garage or warehouse floor to prevent water ingress. The product is also supplied with high impact concrete fixing screws. The grooved top design allows for improved tyre traction and also protects against trips and slips when passing over the threshold seal.

In the case of slightly uneven flooring, our specially formulated Adhesive & Sealant can be used to bed the threshold seal to the floor and fill in any gaps underneath the seal.

What Does This Aluminium Threshold Seal Do?
Creates a watertight seal between the bottom of the garage door and the floor
Prevents rainwater, leaves, dust from being blown under the door
Can prevent mice and other small rodents and reptiles from entering the premises
Suitable for use with forklifts and other heavy vehicles
Includes all required fittings to complete installation
The Kit Includes:
Aluminium section(s)
Bottom insert seals
Concrete fixings
T30 screwdriver bit
Fitting instructions

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